Last Biochem class *this semester*

So today was the last lap of the biochem class , it was quite informative , I enjoyed it. We went through the test paper (which i got an A in ^_^ ) , and saw the mistakes that were made , definitely going to fix those , i’m aiming for an A in biochem , and my incourse , lab and tutorial marks are all putting me in good stead. Now the real battle begins , *THE GRIND* to exams , this is where the fight is either won or lose , but im all about that W(win) , so im going to go as hard as possible.Till next time ……….good luck and study hard 😀 (GAMEFACE).


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  1. Jo-Shorty :-)

    Best of luck to you, sigh i remember the “Grind” lol. I did my BSc in Biochem so there’s two things i know for sure 1) That Jason is by far the best lecturer (although that term is in his official title, it should be though) in UWI, innovative, kind, a bit of a snack-aholic and he’s very reliable and wants the best for us….well you all lol. And 2) from what I’ve had a chance to skim through on your blog, you’re prob going to do very very well in exams. Remember to read and understand exactly what the questions are asking for before you begin to write ok, thats a problem most students face and a trap they fall into. Structure, function, cause and effect. I’ve come to realize that thats the basis of everything in biochem…………got me through it. Anyhoo, I’m rattling, I’m glad you guys have had such a great biochem experience, a lot more wonderful things are in store in the next couple of years, trust me……… of luck!! 😀

  2. Much Thanks ……..i appreciate it 😀

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