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Let me introduce myself :D

Greetings to all from  Trinidad. My name is Andre , I’m a first year student at the University of the West Indies ,pursuing a Bsc  in the faculty of Science and Technology (SCIENCE FTW !!! 😀 ) , I’m currently in semester 2, and writing 5 courses , four science based 😀 , and a foundation course -_- . I’m very passionate when it comes to academic work  often finishing assignments way before they are due , you might call me a nerd , but I prefer the term intellectual assassin O.o .My life isn’t centred around academics though ,  I’m also an avid gamer , and greatly immersed into FPS (First Person Shooter) type games. The first week of this course (Biochemistry 1362) was interesting and after the first few classes I realised that this wouldn’t be just another average science course , the fact that I’m using a blog to document these thoughts is evidence to this. I must say I was extremely impressed with the teaching style of our lecturer ( ) and the fact that he incorporates video based lectures online as a resource is aces in my book. I find this teaching style so appealing because I’m an auditory learner, meaning I absorb the most information, most clearly when I hear it rather than read it (Lecture slides just don’t cut it :/ ) , I think using videos as a teaching resource is extremely effective since it greatly impacts both visual and auditory learners and seems to me like the most dynamic and efficient teaching method currently explored by the university. I’ll be honest I thought that this would be a very difficult course coming in , but from the teaching style employed and the resources available , I can definitely see myself having some fun with this .Let me leave you with a quote that I like very much , “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin .